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caspian Consortium

Caspian Economic Development Consortium is comprised from Natural and legal persons with the aim of improving activities towards sustainable economic development and founded on Jan 1, 2019, in Iran, Switzerland and China.Experienced people from various businesses by forming this consortium and its synergy have taken an important step towards spreading knowledge and improving business processes. Due to the pace of technological development, many changes in the field of technical and managerial knowledge, and the application of scientific methods tested in modern businesses are inevitable.In this regard,the CASPIAN Economic Development Consortium provides various services in the form of brokerage,consulting,training and implementation for different businesses and economic activitis.
CASPIAN is an active and strong "Independent and Non-Governmental Consortium" that provides "PLATFORM for DEVELOPMENT-MULTICOOPERATION and SYNERGY" created for the purpose of contributing to the social,cultural,economic,scientific and technological development of individuals and institutions,our society,our region and the world.
This consortium follows international laws,therefore in area where legal limitation,for example international sanctions,indecently of every government and politics,develops its economic activities all over the world. All activities classified in two sections;first is International section that working in Europe,America,Middle East and Asia, Australia and Oceania and Africa and second is local section that working by main five regions in Iran.


Our mission is to assist the world's transition to sustainable economy. CASPIAN was founded in 2019 by a group of experts who wanted to improving activities towards sustainable economic development.


The Caspian Economic Development Group's 2030 vision is to generation a smart universal consortium for all.


The Caspian Economic Development Group is proud to do business with its unique features and benefits in an international network including Creativity, Agility, Sustainability, Progresive, Innovativity, Authentic and Nonstop.