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Caspian Economic Development is comprised from Natural and legal persons with the aim of improving activities towards sustainable economic development and founded on Jan 1, 2019, in Iran, Switzerland and China.Experienced people from various businesses by forming this consortium and its synergy have taken an important step towards spreading knowledge and improving business processes...

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The Consortium offers services in the following areas for the purpose of economic development.


Due to the presence of experts, managers and experts in various fields, the consortium can play an effective role in industrial and non-industrial...

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Finance & Investment

One of the most important concerns in today's world is investing. Consortium access to investor entities, organizations, and financial institutions...

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Commerce & Trade

Consortium, relying on the best professionals in the field of International Trade and Commerce and joint offices around the world, is ready to ...

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Legal,Judicial & Insurance

Along with identifying stakeholders and paying attention to their needs and wants, one must keep in mind the important risk management issue too...

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Education & Research

Undoubtedly the prerequisite for development is education. Consortium is always ready to provide special services to its partners and clients...

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IT & Advertising

In today's rapidly changing world, and much of that change is about bringing information technology and services into people's lives and businesses.

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Civil Defense

The consortium is serving in various fields of civil defense including prevention, mitigation, preparation, response, or emergency...

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Consortium with access to powerful resources and collections worldwide,in addition to working in import, export and healthcare consulting...

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Culture,Art & Sports

Social responsibility of a Organizational is not just about giving to charitable stereotypes like helping a specific segment of society.

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our partners

We have strategic partners all over the world